Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reading (for the first time) with BOB books and Printables


I recently found a group of 6 blogs offering FREE BOB book printables.  I knew that Shrade was ready to read, so I thought this would be fun to not only read, but use these printables to reinforce the new words he was learning.  I love it!  However, one word of caution, it is a little difficult to find all the printables for each book, but I saved what I found to my computer and then printed off what I was going to use.

I developed 5 lesson plans for book 1: Mat.  I probably didn't need to spend this many days on one book, but there were so many activities that I wanted to fit them all in.  I just borrowed the book and CD at the library.

*Day 1-
Listen to CD of book 1
Review 4 letter sounds
Coloring worksheet for letter A
Find all A's in the book
Identify Mat and Sam

*Day 2-
Listen to CD of book 1
Review 4 letter sounds
Find all M's
Coloring worksheet for M
Roll a Word (activity)
*Day 3-
Read book 1 together
Let him read words he knows by himself
Coloring worksheet for T
Draw lines to matching words (printable)
Play tic-tac-toe (printable)

*Day 4-
Read book 1 together and by himself
Coloring worksheet for S
Do word find worksheet
Create sentences
*Day 5-
Read book 1
Word find
Listen and dot (see worksheet below)
I couldn't believe that after only a few days Shrade was reading!!  He was really excited and since he knew his letters, and sounding them out into words was a lightbulb moment!

I bought a few things to help with this lesson, but I can see that I will use these products for a lot of different lessons too:

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