Thursday, January 17, 2013

Preschool Letter Ee

I'm taking a bit more of a break in this whole Preschool at home teaching.  With a one year old running around, I find that my 4 year old is always so distracted.  After breakfast Shrade usually practices writing his name and does a coloring or tracing worksheet related to the theme.  During lunch we read a book related to the theme and then somewhere in between we do a craft.  I don't have this figured out, but I know that we are having fun and my son is learning a lot!

Also, I'm going to start a new reading program with BOB books and printables that are made by six blogs working together.    I'll share more about that in another post!

I don't come up with any of these ideas on my own.  I LOVE Pinterest!  So here are a few things we did this week for letter E.  I am also concentrating on lowercase letter crafts since we did all capital letter crafts from ages 2-3.

Books we read:


Crafts we made:

Elmer the Elephant
little e- Shrade does all the cutting and gluing!!
Next time will be letter Ff!

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