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Reading the Alphabet Review and Giveaway!!

Reading the Alphabet Bundle Pack | This Reading Mama

Recently I shared that I would be using Reading the Alphabet for PreK this year.  I was given the curriculum by Becky from This Reading Mama in exchange for a review.  I had the whole packet printed off and put in binders- all 1500 pages.  Becky has done extensive work to make this curriculum user friendly and fun for the kids.

There are 31 lessons and for each week there is a 5 day lesson plan.  There is a short list of materials that you probably already have!  Each lesson builds on the next.  In each lesson there are seven learning areas: new letters and sounds with review, sight words, phonological and phonemic awareness, book and print awareness, fine motor skills, numbers 1-20 and patterns, reading and matching CVC words.  As you can see, each lesson is loaded with multiple learning opportunities!

We did Lesson 1- Letter T with sight word: a. 

Week 1: Letter T
Letter Tt book

Poke sight word: a
Tracing Letter T- using 1+1+1=1 printable

On Day 1 we read through Letter T book with 6 pages of sentences including the sight word: a.  We did a poke page with sight word: a and held it up to the window.  Cool!!  We traced letter T and played on Starfall for letter T.  All of this took about 15 minutes which was enough to keep my son's attention and also sneak in lots of learning!!

20 grid
Sight word maze
Color pictures that start with T

On Day 2 we read Letter T book again and I pointed out the sight word and emphasized the beginning sounds of all the pictures and we looked for t's in each word.  We played the 20 grid using dice and blocks.  We rolled the dice and placed the blocks on the grid from left to right and top to bottom (great reading skill!).  We used do-a-dots for the sight word maze and we colored the letter T pictures together (the same pictures from the book).  My son was really enjoying the different learning areas.

Pocket Chart Book
Syllable counting
Find the sight word: a

On Day 3 we recreated the Letter T book in a pocket chart.  Shrade was matching words and pictures.  Then he read through it a few times.  See video below.  We also did a syllable sheet.  I used blocks to count the syllables.  After placing all the blocks on I had Shrade touch each one as he said the words.  We also did a search for the sight word: a.  There was one other activity that we did not get to on this day, but I will squeeze it in another day.

Working with numbers 1-10

Tracing T and a turtle

Rhyming page

On Day 4 we did the pocket chart book again.  We pointed to each word as we read it and I also emphasized the sound.  Shrade likes to take turns when we do school together.  So he reads it and then I read it.  Next we worked with numbers 1-10.  Number cards are included in the appendix.  I just glued them on sturdy paper and put contac paper over it and cut them up.  He turned over numbers and placed a dot on the correct number on the turtle.  I love those do-a-dot markers!  Next, we traced over letter T and the turtle.  We do this together.  He is so much more willing to do a paper if I do it with him.  And last, we did a rhyming paper with words that rhyme with top.  He cut out all the pictures and glued them on the paper.  Only 1 more day!!  So much learning this week!

Print Awareness
Cut and glue a pattern
Day 5- our last day with T!  We reread Letter T book.  Since we worked on it every day it was very familiar and he even read with expression.  The print awareness activity was probably my favorite.  I cut out the sentence, told Shrade what the sentence was and he put the words in order.  Then he glued them on the paper.  Then he drew a turtle.  This was his first time drawing something other than people.  Then we cut and glued patterns.  Shrade came up with them all on his own after I modeled one way.  The last thing which we didn't do yet was put our sight word on a word wall.  I need to figure out where to display our sight words.
And that's it!  There were several other pages which we didn't get to, but whenever there is a spare moment, I'm sure Shrade would be excited to do the activities on his own.
I can't believe ALL the things we did in one week!!

My thoughts:
I can tell that this curriculum will provide so many great learning experiences.  My son just loves the activities and he asks to do them again and again.  What I really like is that that everything is easy to use.  The lessons are prepared the same every week. All the downloads except the one from 1+11+1=1 are included in the bundle packet.  All lessons have a link to This Reading Mama if you want to see how she used them with her child.

I was impressed with the quality of the printables (pictures, activity ideas, variety).  There is minimal preparation.  The kids are engaged, the parents are engaged and the learning is unique. All 26 letters have their own special week and there are 5 weeks of review.  A sight word is learned every week and each lesson builds on the next.  The pace is slow, yet steady toward increased learning and mastery. All lessons are completed in 15 minutes but could take up to 30 minutes if you want to play around more.  And it does feel like play!

And there a enough pages and activities to stretch the learning time as well as more challenging parts like identifying larger numbers (11-20). 

I like that this reading curriculum also includes math.  I am planning to add science, cooking, crafts, Bible and other ideas to this as well. The foundation of this curriculum is perfect. I would say we will have a very well rounded PreK year!!

When I discovered this curriculum, I knew it was going to be perfect for my son and my situation.  Becky allows you to use your imagination while she has done all hard work of making the printables and creating the lessons.  I would highly recommend sending these off to be copied so you have them right at your fingertips to use.

As a former teacher, I highly concur that this is an excellent curriculum that is usable for one on one or a small group of children.  I honestly look forward to each day I get to enjoy learning with my son.

There are over 1500 pages with lesson plans, printables, resources and more!
The bundle is only $10!!

Reading the Alphabet Bundle

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Becky is a homeschooling mama to 4 little blessings who keep her on her toes {and knees}. She is fueled by a passion for literacy and loves to share it with others through printables, reading curricula, and literacy activities. Join her on this literacy journey!

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Christine said...

This looks like a great product that I could use with my younger three and also to reinforce learning with my not to confident in his abilities older child. Thanks for the chance to win this product!

Lacey H. said...

I have a 4 year old that I will be homeschooling for Pre-K and this looks perfect for her! I really like the pocket chart and syllable work. It is unlike anything I have seen with other homeschool preschool programs but absolutely perfect for teaching a young child to read.

melissa said...

I'm not sure that I would use this with my kiddos, but I may use it to teach English as a second language. The 'easiness' of it looks like it would work well for teaching younger children.

Barbee said...

I would use this with both of my children. Thank yoU!

Christina said...

This looks like a great curriculum! I'm looking forward to starting homeschool again with my youngest, and I'd love to use this with him. Thanks for the review and the chance to win! :-)

dailymom said...

This would be great to use with my 3 year old! She already can identify the letters of the alphabet and is starting to write them, so this would be a great way to support what she has already learned and what she has yet to learn.

Cari Baumbach said...

I'm curious to know where you send your documents to be printed and how much it usually runs. I've been looking at a variety of materials to have printed and have been trying to find the best printing solution. My daughter is going to do pre-k again this year and I'm looking at doing homeschool with her for it. This looks like it could work wonderfully.

Cherie said...

I've used some of Becky's RTA printables but plan to be more intentional in using them this coming school year!

Brandi said...

I would use it to help my son continue to grow (he will be in kinder, but struggles a bit with letter recognition) and with my little girl as she gets a bit older!

Campan Beatrix said...

This would be great to use with my 3 year old son!

Campan Beatrix said...
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A Coombs said...

I've got three kiddos who REALLY need this! Pick ME!

Roxanna Alcantra said...

I would use this program with my four year old son. I think he benefit greatly from using it. I hope I win!

Cheri Klassen said...

I would use this with my 4 year old and later on with my younger one!!

Sadie Mae said...

I have been using pieces of this curriculum like the sight words with my son. He's 3.5 and I homeschool him because his sister was born premature. At 3.5, he is super excited when he finds the sight words in the books we read and to be able to read predictable text! As he continues to advance, I hope to add more from this curriculum for him.

Lisabeth Brock said...

My son just turned 4 and has been "reading ready" for quite a while. We haven't done anything formal yet, so I am hoping this giveaway will help me get started with a Pre-K or K-4 focus for homeschooling this fall.

Mammamayor said...

This is great, follow by email,

Kim Pollock said...

Would use it with both of my kids! Always looking for ways to teach them!

LaRie said...

I will be using this for my 3 year old son. He loves the ABCs and this seems like it would be extremely useful with developing his knowledge.

Audra said...

This would be great to use with my 4 year old.

Anonymous said...

My youngest two are 3 years and 1 year so this would get a lot of use at my house!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this review, I look forward to starting it with my 4 year old.

Michelle said...

I have been eying this program for my rising preschooler! She loves learning and this looks like a great and fun way to learn and reinforce the letters and basic language skills!

Jennifer said...

This would be a great way to help my preschooler along the way to reading.