Friday, August 16, 2013

Toddler Learning Notebook (age 2)

My little girl turned 2 in May.  When my son was 2 I used Brightly Beaming Resources (FREE)  as a fun way to make learning intentional.  I will be doing the same with Jessna starting in September!
I plan to do two lessons a month.
This time I have made a Toddler Learning Notebook just for her to do while big brother is working on his.  I include in it all lesson plans, printables, Bible verses and other resources that I will be using.
What is in the Toddler Learning Notebook?
*Printed lesson plans from Brightly Beaming Resources
*Nursery Rhymes- Nellie Edge
*Bible Verses (Songs for Saplings) - Totally Tots
*Practice Writing page- Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve (she will most likely doodle, but we will cut out pictures that start with A and glue on this paper)
*Letter pages from Toddler Learning Notebook- 1+1+1=1
*Early Emergent Mini Reader- This Reading Mama (Reading the Alphabet Appendix) 
Here is a video of all the printables that I have listed here:

I will most likely be adding more things to this notebook as the year goes along.
I did not use a notebook when my son was 2 and I honestly don't like worksheets for little ones so young, but for me this is a way to organize what I want to do with my little girl and IF she wants to color, draw or do something else, that is perfectly fine.
I do not recommend worksheets for little ones, but I'm just putting this together as I see the resources are available.  I may abandon the worksheets if she has no interest, but I thought I might try.  I am very hands on and this will be just another hands on activity- fine motor skill of holding crayons and do a dot markers.
Since I have an older child who will be using his own notebook, I thought it would be fun for little sis to copy him.
Stay tuned as I will be sharing HOW I will be using this notebook for learning time.

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