Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Grapevine Studies FREE October elesson!

We are really enjoying Grapevine Bible Studies this year.  My kids love drawing and they are really retaining the information in the simple questions at the end of each lesson.  We are also memorizing the Bible verse for each lesson.  It's been an absolute delight doing these lessons with my kids.  I like that it's more than just reading a Bible passage and discussing it, but the added element of drawing is a bonus and adds a lot to our Bible time.  We can look back and review by looking at our pictures. 

Each child makes it personal to them which is really neat to see as well. My kids are pretty "artsy" so doing just stick figures is not enough for them.  They like to add embellishments!

eLesson Sharing the Gospel cover

This month the free elesson from Grapevine Bible Studies is Sharing the Gospel.  What a wonderful resource to have.  I look forward to using this one for myself and teaching my kids as well. 

I hope you enjoy the free elesson for this month.
Let me know if you download it and use it.
I welcome you to the Grapevine Studies family!
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