Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kids Cook Real Food Class #3 + Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse registration coming soon!

Today in our Kids Cook Real Food Class we did Dull Knife Skills Level 2 with cross hatch cutting.

First we learned about spices.  I know I want to get my kids more interested in all the spices I use in the kitchen. 

Cutting zucchini for the potato hash.

She wants to be so independent!

Cheese on the Potato Hash. 
Kids made dinner!
I can't tell you how much I enjoy having someone else help me teach these important cooking skills in the kitchen.  My kids are always eager to do Cooking Class with Mrs. Kimball!
Would you like to see a bit of how the course runs?
Just sign up for the FREE Knife Skills class and you will.
Class begin tomorrow! It is available from October 19-October 25.

The FREE Knife Skills Class is open from October 19-October 25.

The Kids Cook Real Food Ecouse registration is open from October 26-November 2.
 Once your register for this course, you have 1 year access.
You can buy one level or all 3 for 1 year access.
If you want to keep them and download them, you can upgrade to VIP.
All information is on the website when registration opens.
There are 3 levels to choose from:
My children are 5 and 7 and they have had a bit of time in the kitchen, but I wanted them to get the basic skills so I am doing the Beginner Class.

Katie Kimball is a great teacher and she really makes it easy for kids to learn how to cook properly.  She demonstrates so many things that are helpful for me as mom to show to my kids.  You will enjoy her engaging atmosphere, easy to remember daily nuggets (like Bread with Butter is Better) and knife skills (Knife moves, eyes down, Food moves, knife down). 

My kids are always excited to do our Kids Cook Real Food class!  We had a super busy summer, but we are back in the school swing again and ready to start more cooking. 

*I am an affiliate for this company.*

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