Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse open today!

Today is the day! 
 Register for the Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse

Before we started the Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse, I was trying to teach my kids some cooking skills.  I was impatient and unrealistic.  I also had no desire to let them pick up a knife.  But that all changed when I watched the free knife skills videos.  A light clicked on in my head and I decided that I would try the course. 

I have been really pleased with all the resources, the video teaching, the real life lessons, the simple instructions for kids to remember with cute sayings and the application that my children have taken to use in our home.  We have been slowly going through this course, but it is so worth it.  I am able to patiently teach my kids and remember to have them practice these skills when I need them for preparing meals for the family.  Eventually, they will make their own food and also make a meal for the family! 

You can also still access the FREE Knife Skills Lessons through November 2
I hope you'll take advantage of either the FREE knife skills training or sign up to use the Kids Cook Real Food Ecourse.  Both of these resources are excellent and I appreciate all the work Katie Kimball put into making these resources to help us as parents to properly teach our kids and experience the joy of cooking with our kids. 
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