Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Large Motor Activity: Climbing Pillows!

Shrade actually stood up and kept a good balance. He also crawled up on the couch where I had taken off the pillows. He learned how to climb up and get down. Lots of large motor activity and problem solving going on.


Daughter to THE King said...

Too cute! My kids LOVE doing stuff like that. Honestly I had never thought of it as motor skills and problem solving, just kids having fun. How neat! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful ideas, I have preschoolers and your blog has given me some good ideas on how to better my little school house. Thanks! Hope you have a blessed day!

Jessica Perkins said...

So glad you checked out my blog and shop and commented. I love finding other Mama Blogs with Play and Learn philosophies!

Adventures-N-Alaska said...

OOh thanks for another activity idea Shonda! I don't know what I would do with out all the ideas I have received from other SAHMs blogs!:o)