Thursday, April 22, 2010

Love and Logic chp 4 & 5

Here a few highlights from chapter 4 and 5:

*Discipline without frustration and anger is key!

*Set the limit once and follow through.  For little ones say "uh, oh," and take action.

My son likes to throw his milk bottle on the floor when he's in his high chair.  If he throws the bottle I say "uh,oh, all done, it's time to get down."  Another tactic which I learned in a parent/infant class I am currently taking is to tell the child what you want to see.  So when I give my son is his bottle I say, "hold the bottle with your hands."

Of course, the best thing is to notice good behavior and give lots of attention to that!  "Thank you for holding your milk bottle in your hand!  Good job!"

So, set the limit, reduce anger and take action today!

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