Friday, January 28, 2011

Educational Toys Planet Review

Educational Toys Planet
Shrade and I had so much fun reviewing a toy from Educational Toys Planet.  This company selects products that are the best in educating your child as well as having features for safety and quality.  They guarantee customer satisfaction, reliable and fast shipping and excellent customer service.  There are so many fun and engaging toys to choose from and all in convenient categories by interest.

We were given the Build a Buddy Mixed Up Pets toy for Shrade to explore.  This was from the Pets category on the website.  This toy has 14 double sided shapes that can create many different pets with endless possibilities!  On the box it states that "building 3D puzzles improves spatial awareness and teaches sequencing, mixing and matching, stimulates problem solving and develops manual dexterity."  Wow!  We found that to be so true.  Shrade was very absorbed in creating many different animals by putting the shapes into specially created fitted holes.  It was fun to watch him look for what he needed.  I also had a chance to use descriptive words to identify colors and shapes.  It was a very unique and silly way to play together and learn!


Be sure to visit Educational Toys Planet soon!

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