Monday, January 3, 2011

Monthly Plan: January

Here is the first monthly plan for Shrade Playschool:

*Bible verse-  Songs for Saplings
Winter verse  Psalm 51:7 "Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow."  (Sung to a very catchy tune)

* 2 Brightly Beaming Resources Lessons: (I will do a blog post about these next month)

*Daily Music time: CD's from Music Notes and CD's we get at the library

*Brain Games: Ideas from Jackie Silberg
-Can you find me...where is ____________?
-Learning with play
-Singing Names

*Play Activities:
-Matching with cookie cutters

*Sensory Activities:

*Art- ?

*Field Trips:
Weekly Library Story Time
Play to Learn
Learning Sprout Toy Store
Play dates
Indoor play areas
Children's Museum

Put dishes in the sink
Clean up toys
Throw away garbage/recycling

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