Friday, April 22, 2011

21 Day Warrior Prayer Challenge Week #4

I must confess that I have not been as diligent in praying every hour like I planned to do for this challenge.  I have had some very HARD emotional things going on this last week (passing away of a friend, my 90 year old grandma's health issues, the fact that my mom can't be here for the birth of my baby and reliability of getting childcare for the son that I'm praying for!!).  I know God is in control of all things and I needn't let these life situations pull me down.

However, I am still praying all the prayers and combining a few each time so I can get them all in before the day is over.  I am finding some great verses to speak into my son's heart and possibly use for memorization some day.  I'm really enjoying Brooke's daily blog thoughts that keep the focus of what we are praying for that day.  

I've had a few rough days with my son and as I've been praying these prayers for gentleness, patience, kindness and goodness, I find that God is working in my heart as well.  It's all a process.

Like I said before, I plan to keep using these prayers for my son and maybe pray a whole week on one topic.


Cinda said...

Hugs and prayers for you.

Haelie said...

Great thoughts for your future plans with these verses! I will have to do the same. I do very much understand your week. Mine was pretty tough, too. Praying for strength and endurance for you.

Came here via 21 Days for Sons.

MomLaur83 said...

Press on! Continue praying for your precious boy :0) (visiting from 21Days4Sons)