Friday, April 8, 2011

21 Day Warrior Prayer Challenge

I just spent the last week praying the Warrior Prayers from Brooke McGlothlin's new ebook.  I took the challenge to pray 10 times a day (weekdays) in 21 different areas for my son.  At first I didn't know how I was going to find time to pray 10 times a day.  I made it a habit to stop at certain hours of the day and get down on my knees, read through the Scripture and pray that short prayer.  It wasn't hard, but it definitely gave me time to focus on God.  My child is a gift from God and the best gift I can give back to God is pray for him.  I love these prayers and I will continue this practice LONG after the challenge is over.  I'm also so encouraged by Brooke's thoughts for each day as we pray.  Not only am I lifting up my son, but I'm changing too.  If I want my son to be more like Christ in these areas, then I should strive to be more like Christ in these areas too.

Here is what we prayed about this week:
*Submission to Authority
*Avoiding Foolishness

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Sonita @ said...

So true!
These prayers are good for everyone! Even big (adult) boys and girls (or mommies!)
Brooke's book has been such a blessing to me. It was easier to incorporate into my day than I thought.

The Farmer Files said...

YES! Not so hard. ..but am focused....says it all. Visiting you from 21 days for Sons. (((HUGS)))

Haelie said...

I think I am seeing a theme among us parents who are participating in this prayer challenge...WE are changing, too!!! :o) Love it! Thanks for sharing!