Monday, December 12, 2011

Brightly Beaming Resources: Week #18 Ears

We had a lot of fun this week learning about ears. We read some fun books and we sang songs and used special instruments to make noise like a jacaranda tree "leaf." My husband and I picked these up in Mexico.

Our poem this week was Jack and Jill.  I'm trying to do more moving with our poems so I made up a finger rhyme to keep Shrade on track.  He loves it!  One arm goes up for Jack and then the other for Jill.  Then one arm goes down for Jack and the other arm spirals down for Jill.  Simple, yet engaging.

Shrade wanted a picture with Jessna and letter R
Shrade is really into "crafts" and I'm glad, but I don't feel altogether crafty.  I'm so glad that No Time for Flashcards has these awesome letter of the week crafts that we are using.  Right now many of them are hanging on our fridge, but I want to move them up to the loft and use them for the alphabet.  Making letter R was fun.

Books we read:

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