Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Food Fun: Dehyrating Apples

As you can see from our kitchen in the background, we have lots of homemade canned food (applesauce, grape juice and pasta sauce, just to name a few).  We also do a lot of dehydrating.  You can see 2 big bags of dehydrated apples right above Shrade's head.  My husband is the one who does ALL of this.  I help sometimes when I'm not busy doing other things, but this year we are trying to get Shrade more involved.  So we had him put apple slices on the dehydrating trays.  He also took many snacks.  He LOVES dehydrated fruit, so we thought it would be appropriate to show him how it's done and have him be a part of the process.

A few weeks ago we were playing up in the loft and Shrade put a bunch of blocks in a bag and told me he was going to take them over to the dehydrator and he promptly walked across the room and put them by the fan.  It was so cute to see him imitate his daddy using blocks!

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