Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities Ebook Review

I have really enjoyed Melitsa Avila's website Raising Playful Tots.  I started subscribing to Play Activities when my son was a toddler.  Now that he is a preschooler, I'm looking for more ideas from Melitsa.  I came across this Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities ebook especially for preschoolers.  I have been teaching my son the alphabet, but I wanted to get a little more multi-sensory, but being challenged in that area myself, I was at a loss for ideas.  My son is also a bit sensitive to sensory activities, but I think we both need to learn to loosen up and have some fun!  Melitsa sent me her book to review and I was so excited!

Everyday Sensory Alphabet Activities is a 99 page ebook with three audio interviews (plus transcripts) and an appendix including more extension activities.  Melitsa created this book to show parents and teachers the fun way to experience the alphabet using all the senses!  This is not a craft book, but a book for PLAY!  Melitsa is a mom with three active boys and she created this book to accommodate the learning styles of these wriggling, squiggling youngsters.  While these are not crafts, they are definitely complimentary to craft time which is what I did with my son since he loves moving and loves crafts!  PS.  There is a coupon from Allie at No Time for Flashcards Alphabet Craft Book if you purchase this ebook.
Building letter E

For each letter of the alphabet there are SEVEN different activities!  First, you make the letter and talk about the name and sounds and what it starts with.  Next, you trace the letter.  Then find the letter in the world (your child's environment). Then mark the letter using a variety of everyday substances for the sensory experience.  Build the letter by using objects around the home.  Then do the action for that letter of the alphabet and read a recommended book.  Whew!  I was amazed at the variety of activities for EACH letter and there are so many different ideas within this book.  Melitsa goes into more detail for each of these.
Finding letter D

Building letter D

Marking letter D with ranch dressing and carrots

Shrade and I LOVED doing these activities together and I was astounded at his retention of what we did during our play.  One thing that stood out to me was when he started finding letters on books that we did during our sensory play.  He also loved the action time.  The next day he remembered that D was for dancing!  Another part of this that I was hoping would help him was making the letter with sensory substances.  At first he didn't want to, but today when I sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on the plate, he was able to lick his fingers after he drew the letter.  AND he drew the letter perfectly!  There is no greater joy than seeing your child light up when he can do something and they understand it!  There is so much for me and my children to experience with this book.  I have only scratched the surface, but I encourage you to take a look at this book and see how it could enhance your learning time with your child with FUN and EASY ways!  Thank you, Melista, for all of your hard work to create this book for parents like me!

Marking G in cinnamon and sugar

Look at Shrade's G!

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Teach Your Tot said...

Sooo cool! I love this post! :-)

Victoria said...

Wow, this looks amazing! My 2yo son is just starting to do letters at school (he goes 3 days a week) and I've been looking for activities to do at home to help reinforce. He is very sensory and the kind of kid who never sits still - I think this will be perfect for him!

Julie R said...

What a great find! Always looking for ideas like this. :)