Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Monthly Plan

*Bible Verse:  Luke 2:11 "For there is born to you this day in the City of David, A Savior who is Christ the Lord."  Christmas Verse      Songs for Saplings 

Bible verse activities from Totally Tots

BOOKS: This month we are going to be reading books about Christmas.  I'm going to blog about the books that we will be reading.  All of these books I read to my Kindergarten students year after year.  I'm excited to share them with my son this year.  I am going to wrap them up as presents to make it even more fun!

*Brightly Beaming Baby:  Jessna is now 7 months old for the Nursery Age lessons.  Each lesson is 2 weeks long and includes literature, poems, nursery rhymes, Bible, speech & vocab, classical music, lullaby, foreign language (I'm going to do some Spanish and sign language), baby game, exercise and baby massage.  I love these lessons because they give me a focus on what I can do to entertain my baby!  It's fun and she loves it.  I hope to do more things with her!

*Sensory Play:
-water play- loves this!

*Christmas Connection:
Truth in the Tinsel:We will be doing the advent activities from this ebook, probably about 6 this year.  I just reviewed this and it is excellent!  Be sure to get your copy today and start the adventure of teaching your kids about the true meaning of Christmas together!

We will also be doing a few of these activities to count down to Christmas: The Activity Mom

*Daily Music time: Songs from Music Notes and CD's we get at the library.  Singing lots of Christmas songs!

*Pre-Math Activities
 I'll be using this book Totline 123 Math: Pre-Math Activities for Working With Young Children (1-2-3 Series, Math: Ages 3-6) by Jean Warren.  I'll try to blog about some of the activities that we do.

 We will be making ornaments from Truth in the Tinsel.  Be on the lookout for my blog posts about this amazing journey that we will be taking.

*Field Trips:


Mall playground

Pretend Play:
-building a fort
-dress up with scarves and hats

 What Shrade can do: 3 years of age
-When asking a question to mommy and daddy, begin with "May I please...?"
-wash hands
-taking off clothes and put in laundry basket
-putting clothes on
-drinking from cup
-throw away garbage/recycling
-clean up messes on the floor
-put dishes in the sink
-help put dishes away from the dishwasher
-put clothes in the washer
-Help mama with the baby
-Cooking with mama
-spelling his name

 What we are working on:
-clean up toys- say "yes, mama" when asked without whining or crying- still working on this
-starting potty training (sitting on toilet- he can do #1!!)
-brushing teeth (we've been working on this for awhile)
-wash face and hands and brush hair

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Susan Case said...

Great ideas. Love the bible connections and chores. Wonderful.