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Monthly Plan- March 2013

Last month was super busy with playdates and Valentines that I feel off the bandwagon with my plan, but we did accomplish a lot of things.  Shrade started to read and Jessna is memorizing books too.  See video links by clicking on their names. 


*Bible Verses: We use verses from Songs for Saplings. I love that all the verses are songs. It makes it so easy to remember.

We were not able to get to these verses last month so here we are trying again!
-N verse- "Apart from me you can do Nothing."  John 15:5
-O verse- "I will Obey your Word." Psalm 119:17

Bible verse activities and printables from Totally Tots

-Bible verses from Awana

Singing: I am teaching hymns to my kids.
Hymns we learned: This is My Father's World, Count Your Blessings.
Hymn for February and March: The Solid Rock  

Story time: We are going to continue using the Calvary Curriculum (FREE) and do Bible crafts as well as read from our Bible story books.

We also do free Bible lessons that we get in the mail from The Mailbox Club.

*Milk N' Honey Preschool:
We have started Preschool.  See my Preschool Plans.
So far we have done A, B, C, D and E.  See my lessons and blog posts below.

This month we will be doing  Letter F and maybe Letter G.  See my Pinterest boards for ideas.  I was spending WAY too much time planning and not enough time teaching, so I've scaled back on what I will be sharing, but we will still do crafts, activities and read books.  And I will still share blog posts of what we did.  We will concentrate on lowercase letter crafts this year from No Time for Flashcards.  And we will do lots of Sensory Activities with letters as well.

Preschool Lessons (finished):

All About Reading

This month we started using real curriculum from All About Learning Press- All About Reading Pre-1 Level for pre-readers.  I made a recent post about the material which I just reviewed.

I like using this because I don't have to plan anything and the activities are intentional, fun and full of great learning!  Thumbs up for All about Learning!
Be sure to pick up your FREE activity book from All About Learning.

*Brightly Beaming Toddler:   Jessna is now 22 months old.  

This curriculum includes 24 lesson plans.  There are 2 lessons for each month of your toddler's life from 13 months to 24 months of age.  You can spend approximately 2 weeks on each lesson plan with your toddler.  The lessons are geared to a toddler's development as he/she progresses through the second year of life.  Keep everything fun and only do activities when your toddler wants to.

Also with Jessna I'm going to try some activities from these websites:
*Pocketful of Posies- Toddler Time
*Activity Mom- Learning with your Toddler
* Activities for Toddlers

This month we will be focusing on Easter.  I have a lot of ideas on my Pinterest board that I need to get organized.  Here is what we did last year:  Easter 2012

Here are some ideas I want to try this year:

*Sensory Play:
-water play

We will be using a lot of these activities when we learn the letters!

*Daily Music time:
Songs from Music Notes and CD's we get at the library.
Piano Lessons with Music In Me.

 -watercolor painting
-using paintbrush

*Field Trips:
Library story time for Preschool
Mall playground
Nature Center
Play to Learn- free community program

Hands on activities from Hands On As We Grow

Writing numbers with Thomas the Train math book

Pretend Play:

*Other Activities
Check out my Pinterest Boards for Preschool Ideas and more! 
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We are also working through a BIG Preschool Workbook for ages 3-5.

I also ordered a The Everything Preschool Kit from Time for Tots on Etsy to give us some fun for the afternoon.
Everything Preschool Kit

 What Shrade is working on: 4 years of age
Chore ideas from Money Saving Mom
-Responding with "yes, mama"
-brushing teeth
-brush hair
-playing gently with sister
-setting the table
-wipe up spills
-gather laundry- NEW
-sort laundry and put laundry away
-making bed-NEW
-empty dishwasher-NEW
-helping mom cook in the kitchen
-cleaning up room in 15 min-NEW
-empty wastebasket- NEW
Shrade loves to help with chores, I just need to be more organized to plan them!

-letter sounds
-tracing first name
We will also do some name activities.

We are going to try some non-reader recipes with Kids Cooking Activities.  Hopefully 1-2 a month!

I started using BOB books with printables by a group of 6 blogs.  I will also use Hooked On Phonics since I have that curriculum already.

Another great website that I will start using is This Reading Mama.  She has a great free Pre-K Reading program.

I will also use the Preschool and Toddler calendars from Preschool Express.

Jessna is working on:
Chore ideas from Money Saving Mom
*first moments of discipline- what to touch, what not to touch
*learning how to sign "more"-done
*learning to sign "all done"-done
*learning to sign "please"-done
*coming when called
*learning how to go down the stairs-done
*drinking from a cup-NEW
*putting toys away-NEW
*taking off clothes and putting in the laundry basket-NEW
*taking dish back to the sink-NEW

Our next Bible Reading Adventure will be later in the Spring.

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