Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood Week #4 Part B

We are now in our fourth week in the short series on Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood with Joy Forney's ebook based from her blog series last winter.  You can pick up the free ebook at GraceFullMama.

My ideas for Constant Love:
*Every morning I cuddle with both of my children for as long as they want to be held.
*Letting them choose what to do with me during play time- working on this one (need to let go of my "schedule")
*Spending one on one time with child daily
*Tickling them on the floor
*Reading books while sitting in the rocking chair or in bed
*Praying with them and for them

My ideas for Consistent Training:
*Read the Bible at breakfast every morning. Plan relevant Bible lesson activities.
*The Positive Conclusion- Many times during the day I use this tool.  Very helpful in connecting to the heart!
*Being willing to ask forgiveness, extend forgiveness, respect, role-play various situations and expecting obedience (with a happy heart).

I am definitely in process in all of these areas, but I know that as I learn to make a habit of being intentional I can have the heart for motherhood that I desire!

How about you?  What your ideas for these areas?  Please share in the comments.

Only one more week of this series!

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