Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Look Out, Ladybug, Hands Off My Honey, Hugless Douglas and the Big Sleepover, What Goes UP Book Reviews (Tiger Tales)

This book is absolutely adorable.  Ladybug is learning how to fly and she takes lots of spinning and tumbles.  She runs into all kinds of animal friends.  The best part about this book are the dotted lines that show the path of Ladybug's practice flying.  This is great for little fingers to trace.

A big scary bear yells "Hands off My Honey!"  He stomps around the forest and says he won't share.  A group of animals- mouse, rabbit brothers and mole, devise a plan to get a taste of that honey.  Mole doesn't seem to know how to creep along the ground and ends up giving away the sneaky plan.  However, Big Scary Bear is all just a game anyway and they ask to play again!  This is a funny book that ended with a twist that cute and quirky!

Douglas the bear is excited to have a sleepover at Rabbit's house.  On his way, he falls into a bush and ends up inviting a sheep to come with him as well as the 9 other sheep stuck to his back.  There is no room for Douglas.  He tries to get wedged in Rabbit's hole and ends up sneezing on the sheep's fleece.  One by one all the sheep pop out of the ground.  Rabbit ends up reading a story to everyone outside by the tree.  This is a cute book about an overgrown bear who is loveable and more than cuddly.

Martin is a sad dragon who wants to fly, but his wings aren't big enough.  He thinks that if he looks like a yellow jacket he can fly or if he sits in a tree he can fly like a leaf.  Neither of these things work.  The children were sad for Martin too, so they tried a game to help Martin believe in himself- flapping wings daily.  And before he knew it, Martin had developed large, strong wings so he could fly!  This was a sweet book about the friendship and encouragement of some children to a special dragon.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Tiger Tales  for my review.  All opinions are my own.*

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