Thursday, May 23, 2013

Learn to Cook and Teaching Your Kids to Cook ebooks for SALE!!!

I absolutely love cooking and I have gathered my kids in the kitchen on occasion to help me, but I really need some direction and kid-friendly ideas and recipes that will help them to be confident in the kitchen someday.

I recently sent my copy of Teaching Your Kids to Cook to be published into a print notebook so I can start working with my 4 year old in the kitchen more often with good ideas. 

What is in the book:
*19 Teaching Your Kids to Cook Activities like a scavenger hunt, how to measure, keep it clean, follow directions, make a list and much more!
*Simple Kitchen Jobs kids can do
*Kid-friendly recipes at different levels (1-3)
*Activity printables

I am so excited to start this journey with my son. 

This week Heavenly Homemakers is offering a HUGE discount for both books through May 30.  Be sure to snag this deal right away!  I still need to purchase Learn to Cook.

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