Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Summer Survival Calendar: TO-DO List

Summer Survival Mini Challenge

Did you purchase the Summer Survival Calendar and have not been able to sit down and get organized?  You are not alone!  I have been so busy, but I honestly need to take a break and plan out my summer.  Susan Heid shares a podcast every Tuesday and today she talked about how to go through a short checklist to make sure the planner works for you.  Also, Jenni over at Hello Mornings gives list for homework to get your Summer Survival Calendar in sync.  Are you ready?

2013 Summer Survival Calendar
First, purchase your 2013 Summer Survival Calendar.

Then, listen to Susan's podcast on her blog: The Confident Mom.

Finally, check out the checklist from Jenni at Hello Mornings.

You will be all ready to go!!


Cari @Reach For The Star Berries said...

I've been soo busy with the preparation of Allie finishing preschool and celebrating the summer birthdays in her class that I haven't finished planning our summer activities either. I just purchased the calendar and guide and can't wait to unpack all of the goodies to have a great summer with the girls. Thanks soo much for sharing this great resource Shonda.

Cari @ Reach For The Star Berries
Reach For The Star Berries

April said...

I purchased it last week, printed it all out!! And there it sits!! I have to carve out some time!! Thanks for the gentle reminder!