Monday, June 10, 2013

Joanie Leeds Takes June...Review of Bandwagon

Joanie Leeds adds fun to every project she does.  Bandwagon is no exception.  She takes some everyday activities that kids think and feel and puts them to song to help them learn about vacation, school, nutrition, using your words, seasons, bedtime, biking and more!  She also includes a song about UFO's (a little imagination is great for a kid) and her tribute to New York is a video that is at the bottom of this blog post.  Joanie obviously loves singing, trying out unique music styles and getting kids involved in life and enjoying the events that come their way.  So, get on the Bandwagon and take the tour with Joanie in her YouTube channel with 14 videos of her brand new songs!

*I was given a complimentary copy of this CD for review from Waldmania.  All opinions are my own.*

Starting on June 2nd, Joanie will release 14 music videos, each based on a song from Bandwagon. Every other day throughout the month of June, a new video will be posted on Joanie's YouTube channel. The series will kick off with "I Love NY," a hip and groovy paean to Joanie's adopted home town.
Joining Joanie Leeds and her band, The Nightlights, on Bandwagon are Justin Lansing (of the GRAMMY winning Okee Dokee Brothers), GRAMMY winning producer Dean Jones, folk superstar Jonatha Brooke, and acclaimed singer/songwriter Rachel Loshak of the Gustafer Yellowgold family.
Gifted with a soulful, "rock solid" voice and an instinctive knack for capturing the essence of any style she goes for, Joanie Leeds has delivered, with each new album, music that thrills admiring adults yet speaks to kids in a friendly, non-patronizing way.
Says Sirius/XM's Kids Place Live Program Director Mindy Thomas, "Joanie Leeds is that cool babysitter who would let you try on her lip gloss once your mom left the house. You idolized her, and your mom knew she could trust her. That's Joanie. Only she's also likely to completely ROCK THE ROOF OFF YOUR HOUSE!"
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