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Let's All Make a Circle with Meredith LeVande DVD Review and Giveaway!!

A few years ago I was privileged to review Meredith LeVande's CD What Are the Odds?  This DVD brings all those songs to life!  Meredith has a very engaging smile, voice and story telling by song.  Each video is very unique.  Meredith plays the guitar, drums and shares the stage with a wonderful group of children as well as some eye-catching scenery.  The music draws kids to interact by copying the movements of what they see on the DVD.  Kids learn so much about social skills, gross motor movements, fruits and vegetables, wheels, bubbles, silly animals,funny knock-knock jokes and more!  My kids enjoy spinning around the room and watching all the fun that is happening in each video. I can even hear them singing the songs when the DVD is not even playing.  They are very easy to catch on to and remember!   This is a great DVD to pull out for those rainy days and playdates for kids to get up, moving and being silly!

What I really enjoyed the most was the Teaching Guide attached to the cover.  Each of the songs has a great teaching point for your kids to get more enjoyment, learning and growth all while having fun and being goofy.  There are some great early learning skills attached to the songs on this DVD.  So pick it up today and start your journey of imagination and wonder!

Here is fun video trailer of the DVD.  Stay tuned for the giveaway at the end of this post! 

*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review.  All opinions are my own.*
“Meredith LeVande is a music video star” – The New York Times
“Has a huge future…as a children’s entertainer” KCET Los Angeles
“Meredith LeVande really gets kids moving” – Parenting Magazine  
NEW YORK CITY – Award-winning children’s musician and public television star Meredith LeVandehas announced the July 1 release of her second children’s music DVD: Monkey Monkey Music: Let’s All Make a Circle (Monkey Monkey Music, $19.99, run time 45 minutes, for ages 2-5).
Let’s All Make A Circle is the highly anticipated follow-up to Meredith LeVande’s award-winning first DVD, and brings to life songs from her acclaimed CD collections through a uniquely creative set of dynamic, imaginative music videos. These 15 colorful, high-energy videos construct a series of playful worlds full of children and animated characters, popping bubbles, telling silly knock-knock jokes, springing up in gardens, spinning circles, and much more. It’s all made to get kids moving and learning as they dance, shake, and sing along.
On Let’s All Make A Circle, Meredith LeVande combines bright vocals, smart lyrics, and whimsical videos to offer a fresh take on children’s music – one that’s wholesome, fun, and designed entirely with the child in mind. That doesn’t mean parents won’t find themselves dancing and singing along! But with Meredith’s music, it’s truly all about the kids.Let’s All Make A Circle engages and entertains them at every turn, with kid-friendly, kid-appropriate themes and an emphasis on child growth and development. The inside album cover also includes recommended activities to help parents assist children in key areas of early learning as they experience each song.
Children everywhere already know and love Meredith LeVande as a public television star. She is one of the few children’s artists in the country who is regularly seen on TV, with an established presence on hundreds of PBS member stations airing across the country on broadcast, cable, and satellite TV. Viewers from coast to coast can catch Monkey Monkey Music – often multiple times per day – alongside such favorite shows as Thomas the Tank Engine, Curious George, Sesame Street, and others on stations like WETA Kids (Washington DC), Kids 13 (NY/NJ/PA), NJTV, Idaho Public Television, KCET (Los Angeles), and many more.
About Monkey Monkey Music/Meredith LeVande
Monkey Monkey Music was created in 2001 by Meredith LeVande, who has since released two award-winning CD collections and two DVDs, performs live at countless venues and birthday parties nationwide, and airs across the country on public television, OnDemand, satellite radio, and much more. Meredith’s unique style of dynamic, creative music is fun and engaging at every turn, encouraging movement and learning through every song. One of the few children’s artists who is regularly seen on TV, Meredith’s Monkey Monkey Music videos currently air on hundreds of PBS member stations nationwide. In fact, her music is so compelling that Hawaiian Airlines’ included it in its in-flight video lineup to keep young passengers engaged and happy on long flights! For more on Monkey Monkey Music and Meredith LeVande, please visit

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My new favorite CD to listen to with the kiddos is Seeds of Praise 3!!