Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Plans 2013

Hi Friends-  Summer is just around the corner.  I have so much planned to do this summer!  I find that when we are busy, I am less stressed, but I also need to keep up with all the stuff we do.  My kids need to be active.  When we stay at home too much, I tend to lose my cool, so we are going to be out and about this summer.

Here are my plans and ideas for the summer:

*Highlights- Puzzle Buzz Club and Hidden Pictures Playground.  We get these magazines in the mail and they cover some great skills for visual learning and fine motor learning like matching, expressing imagination, using stickers, sequencing, recognizing and identifying shapes and letters and MORE!  Love these!

*All About Reading- We do these lessons in the afternoon.  Very easy and fun for me and my son.

*Preschool Workbook- We are working through this a few pages at a time.  Morning work time.

*Summer Fun Lessons I found on 3 Dinosaurs and Royal Baloo.

*Kids Bowl Free- 2 Free Games all summer!

*Vacation Bible School in July.  Shrade loved it last year and is looking forward to it again this year.

*Tour of Parks with local friends (we made a private FB group)- We meet a different park every week of the summer!

*Preschool Mini-Day Camp- This is a new adventure/activity that will be in July.

*Activities from Summer Survival Calendar by The Confident Mom
2013 Summer Survival Calendar

*Summer Reading Program with local library

*Summer Bible Reading Adventure- Fruit of the Spirit.  I think I will do about one fruit a week.

*Thriving Family- Around the World in 60 Days.  We will do this for family devotion times in the evenings. 

*$1 movies- Regal Summer Movie Express

*Concerts in the park- I just printed off the local concerts that are in our area for the summer.

*Make some yummy healthy ice pops and frozen treats.  Subscribe to The Nourishing Home and get this free ebook.  Recipes include: Banana Split Pop, Homemade frozen Go-Gurts and Wholesome All Fruit Pops.  And you won't want to miss her awesome menu plans.  I am so inspired by Kelly!

*Playdates and other things will be added as well. 

*Farmer's Market, Children's Museum, hikes with daddy, swimming and more!!

*And I have TONS ideas on my Pinterest board.

I've included a few links, but I will share about each one we do over the summer in blog posts.  Stay tuned!  I look forward to a fun and busy summer filled with lots of family time and getting out and enjoying friends and new activities!

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