Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day of School 2013

Backpack gifts
First day lunch all packed and ready!  I like to be prepared!
Spiritual theme poster
Spider web we saw on our walk to the front door
Shrade's Daily Learning Notebook
School "buddies"
Jessna's first Brightly Beaming Resources Lesson
Our first day of school was a success. I see a BIG difference in my attitude and the way the kids play when I have plan. I'm not doing anything extra special, but I'm being a lot more intentional about how I organize the day. I got up and prepared all the meals for the day so I could easily pull out snacks and lunch at the right times. We decided to walk out the back door and in the front door to start our new school year. Shrade was really reluctant to homeschool, but on day 2 he got up and was ready to go. I don't feel like I'm doing much, but adding songs and stories, daily learning notebook, Language Lessons, arts/crafts/activities, a reading lesson in the afternoon and Jessna's special lesson in the morning, I think our day rounds out well. There is also lots of free time and of course I'm still changing Jessna's diaper. Overall, I enjoy this school routine without having to rush off to playdates or the park which we will still do, but not as often. Next week we add MOPS and my Zumba day. Friday will be library day and Monday I will never plan any outside activities. Shrade is doing Awana and we signed him up for a pre-soccer class as well as we hope to get him into swimming lessons. So that is our new year off to a good start!

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Bekah said...

What a great first day!!! Love the backpack gifts idea. :) So glad your routine is working out awesome!