Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Giving! Learn Your Letters Learn to Serve by Heavenly Homemakers

from Heavenly Homemakers
How do you cultivate a heart of giving in your children?  One thing that I notice with my son is that he truly has a servant's heart.  He watches both his daddy and I because we also have hearts that love to give.  But it's not always the most natural thing for me.  I excited this year to learn more about giving by using Learn Your Letters, Learn to Serve.  I know that both the kids and I will really look for ways to give as we are given many ideas and opportunities this year.

Just last week we picked up a bag at church to fill for a needy family.  I took the kids shopping and we picked up more than what the bag could hold.  We had a lot of conversation about what we were buying and why we were buying it.  I hope to have many more conversations like this.

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