Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nellie Edge Writing to Read Seminar + FREE resouces

kindergarten resource booksI can't tell you how excited I was to be able to go the Nellie Edge Writing Seminar this summer!  I went to one a long time ago and it transformed my Kindergarten classroom into a joyful and educational learning environment.  Now as I'm planning to homeschool I want to bring back a lot of what I used as a K teacher to my home with my own kids. 

This seminar was called Writing to Read.  She shared TONS of ideas for getting kids to write.  She has been a Kindergarten teacher and mentor for many years and she knows what works and how to ignite passion in the lives of her students. 

Her ideas for teaching writing are creative, entertaining, fun and absolutely successful.  I know first hand that when I used her strategies in my classroom that my students blossomed into excited readers and writers. 

So this quarter I have an assignment to write 3 activities to earn credits for my teaching certificate.  I thought I would share them as I write them on my blog!

Here are my 3 ideas:
*How to use Nursery Rhymes to  develop language concepts and vocabulary, inspire movement and dramatic interpretation and build a foundation for concepts of print and guided reading instruction
*Animal Research Projects- building vocabulary, researching favorite animals and reporting by making books, posters, etc.
*Word matching and sentence building- encouraging drawing, making sentences, dictation, matching words and reading

I'm very excited to write these plans so I can use them as I teach my kids.

Here are few things that you will find on the Nellie Edge website for FREE:
*Free little books
*16 Essential Mother Goose Rhymes
*ABC Phonics information and free teacher ebook
*Read and Sing Book Club

Those are just a few of the amazing resources available at Nellie Edge.  Also, if you subscribe to the newsletter you get access to a FREE member resource center with lots of printables and articles.  And if you ever get a chance to go to her seminars you will understand how fascinating she is and the ways that she has helped children reach for their potential in loving and fun ways.  Looking forward to sharing more with you!

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