Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood Week #3 Part A

We are now in our third week in the short series on Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood with Joy Forney's ebook based from her blog series last winter.  You can pick up the free ebook at GraceFullMama.

Are you feeling like your heart for motherhood is growing?  I do! I have changed several things and I still have a long way to grow, but I feel like I can see and feel the vision I shared last week.

This week we are going to learn how to get rid of those obstacles that are hindering us from becoming the moms we want to be.

Assignment: Read chapters 5 & 6. Print out the Obstacles worksheet and fill it out with your plan.  Refer to the questions on p. 19.

I will share what my plan is for each of the 3 obstacles on Thursday.

Are you enjoying this study?  Are you able to apply it to your life?  I hope so! 

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April said...

YES! I'm enjoying this study very much! Definitely applying in my life! I haven't commented but I have been reading and doing the worksheets, week 1 actually brought me to tears, one word that kept coming up was overwhelmed!! I started my vision for my home page but have not completed it yet! Thanks for sharing yours! Looking forward to hearing from you Thursday!