Friday, July 2, 2010

Free and Fun Friday: Visiting a farm!

Shrade and I are always looking for free and fun activities.  Last week I decided that we would visit the farm where we went for the pumpkin patch and see if there were any animals still there. 
There were 2 goats.
These donkeys were so funny!  Lily and Heather wanted us to feed them flowers.  Look, they are begging!
There were also some chickens!
Look at all these wheelbarrows!  These are used in the fall for the pumpkins, but I've never seen so many stored like this.

After we visited the animals we went into the country store and they had samples of strawberries and cherries.  Yum!  When Shrade gets a little older I want to do the bike trail that goes by the farm.  I saw a family that did that and it looked fun.

  What free and fun activities do you find to do with your family?

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The Activity Mom said...

Hi Shonda!
I got your comment about the button snake and your plane trip. We have taken so many plane trips! A few random things that kept his attention (before the dvd player was the main excitement) were small dollar store erasers and a water bottle, clean pennies and a small container with an opening like a bank, a mini notebook and a sheet of stickers to stick wherever he wanted. aquadoodle sheets, and suckers. =)
Good luck and have a fun trip!