Thursday, July 29, 2010

Guest Post Learning Activity: Fine Motor Fun by Tima (Living in Dar)

Ethan has hypermobility and DCD.  He goes for PT every week and really enjoys it.  Ethan also loves crafts.  So this week, I thought I'd try something which would really focus on his fine motor skills.

Since Ethan loves dinosaurs, I thought I'd let him decorate one of his own.  I traced a dinosaur picture onto coloured paper, gave him scissors, crayons and stickers.

Since Ethan had trouble cutting, I though instead of cutting it out for him, I'd let him do it himself.

He still needs some help, but that's ok.  He didn't get frustrated and that's what's important.

Once it was cut out, I let him colour it any way he wanted to.

I had to keep reminding Ethan to hold his crayon the proper way.

To add to his fine motor practice, I had Ethan put stickers all over his dinosaur.

The stickers are great.  They give Ethan the opportunity to get that pincer grasp going.


It's very simple, but Ethan had a great time and he got to practice his motor skills without even knowing it!

*Tima is the author of Living in Dar. Be sure to check out her great blog for more fun learning activities!

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