Friday, July 30, 2010

Guest Post Free and Fun Friday: Apple Head Sculptures with Funky Mama Bird Betsy

Free, Fun and Freaky – Apple Head Sculptures
Did you know that you most likely have the supplies on hand to make some fun and freaky looking sculptures with your kids? Dried apple head sculptures are fun to make at any of time of year and are limited only by your creativity – not your budget.
What is an apple head sculpture, you ask? Well, since a picture is worth a 1000 words, I'll save myself a few thousand and show you some pictures instead.

These were made last winter by my step-son, husband, me and my step-daughter respectively. An apple head sculpture consists of a fresh apple that you peel and carve and a body made out of anything you happen to have at home. Over the course of a week, the apple will shrivel and shrink into a lightweight and freaky head. At this time, the sculpture can be stood up on a base or hidden in random areas of the home to startle unsuspecting people with their grotesque grins.
Sound fun? Want to make some? Here's what you'll need:
·         One apple per person
·         Apple cider vinegar
·         Apple peeler
·         Knife
·         Hot glue gun
·         Any of the following – sticks, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, fabric scrapes, loose feathers, shoe boxes, plastic container lids, construction paper, buttons, glitter, paint, string, cotton balls, yarn – or anything you have around the house
To make an apple head, peel the apple, leaving as much of the flesh as possible. Next, carve a face into the side of the apple. This is a bit like carving a pumpkin, but the head will remain solid; you won't be removing its innards. Young children may need some help with this step.
Paint the apple face with apple cider vinegar, making sure to completely saturate all areas of the head. The vinegar is what will keep the head from rotting before it dries out, so it's very important to get adequate coverage.
Next, it's time to make a body. We used Popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners, but twigs in the yard, paint sticks or even tooth picks will work.
Now you can decorate your apple person. Remember, the head will shrink, so anything you stick into or on the head will become comically large over time. If you check out our photos above, you'll find a rock star, an alien, a super hero and a fashion model – you're limited to what you can make only by your imagination.
Leave your nearly finished sculptures out to dry someplace warm for about a week. At this time, the formerly heavy headed figures will be very light weight, and you'll be able to create stands or displays for them to sit in. Use shoe boxes, plastic lids covered in fabric or paper, or more Popsicle sticks propping them up in back to hold them upright. You can display an apple head sculpture for a few months in the right conditions and their freaky, wrinkled grins are sure to attract attention no matter where they are.


ModistaModesta said...

Those little creatures are so cute!

Lana said...

I remember making apple head dolls in school way back in the day! Thanks for bring back this memory!