Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's on our Bookshelf? Walking Through the Jungle

Oh, my, have you checked out Barefoot Books yet?  Well, I scooped this book up at the library and was so impressed.  This book also has a song CD with it.  There is some cute intro music and then the story is sung.  My son comes running to my lap when he hears the intro song.  This book is extremely cute and teaches so many wonderful things.  The author takes you on a tour of the world through different areas like the jungle, river, iceberg and other other places.  There is an action associated with each area such as swimming, trekking and climbing.  There is an animal hidden that comes out and makes a sound.  The beauty of this book is the repetition.  The tune is very catchy and I even like it.  The CD also offers a karaoke where you can sing the song with your child.  How fun!  Please check it out!  Barefoot books is my new favorite company.  If you or you know someone who sells these, let me know!  Thanks, Shonda

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Anne@LittleSproutBooks said...

I've seen Barefoot Books on the web but never in person... I'm going to have to go seek some out! Thanks for stopping by FMBF!