Thursday, September 30, 2010

Growing Kids God's Way: The Father's Mandate

We just finished week 4 of our class which focused on the father's mandate.  These are also beneficial for the mother to follow, but since the father is the head of the home and the spiritual leader, he is the one to set the example for the family.

Dr. Ezzo set forth 8 mandates that were critical for fathers.  I am only going to highlight a few.

First of all, the main goal is for the children to learn to trust their parents.  The way you do this is by spending quality and quantity of time.  This is not a checklist to mark off, but a building of relationship.

Second, the fathers must be the encouragers of the family.  "Go team Knowlton!"  Come up with a family verse and say to your kids during times of training in values, "We are the Knowlton's (your last name) and this is what we do and this is why we do it."

And one of the most important lessons is for fathers to guard their tone and their tongue with their children.

These are just a few ways to for your children to gain trust in you as little ones so as they grow older, they hopefully will be comfortable with you to share those deep things!

There were several others, but you'll just have to read the material for yourself to get the whole picture, or find a class in your area.

Next week: Your Child's Conscience

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