Monday, April 2, 2012

Color Theme Week for March: GREEN

This week we had fun learning about GREEN.  We found all our green crayons and colored with them.  We mixed blue and yellow together to make green and painted a tree.  We made a scented herb book (that really smells like glue) with sage, parsley and rosemary.  I had Shrade read off the letters so I could write them on the pages.  We read books about turtles and frogs and made crafts for each.  Green is fun!

How many shades of green do you have?

Turtle- my craft idea!

Scented Herb Book

Mixing colors to make green- tree

I got this craft idea from Crafts-N-Things.  We read that frogs have webbed feet.

Books we read:

*We read Frog Life Cycle from the Life Cycle books.
*Green is by Books by Tara

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Anonymous said...

What a fun week! I love the Scented Herb Book!