Thursday, April 5, 2012

Growing Kids God's Way: The Appeal Process

Almost done!

The Appeal Process gives children a way to properly appeal your instruction.  This helps avoid exasperated and frustrated children.  Activating the appeal process: The child must initiate the process with "May I appeal?"  If allowed, the child must provide NEW information that parent may not have had.  It is not appropriate simply to appeal because the child does not want to obey.  The appeal must be to the parent who just gave the instruction.  Appealing is a privilege that can be lost.

After the child has demonstrated first time obedience, allow the appeal process.  Role play the appeal process with your kids.

Next week:  Building a Healthy Family

After I finish Growing Kids God's Way, I will start a new parenting series called Parenting is Heart Work.  That will start in the middle of April!

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