Thursday, April 12, 2012

Growing Kids God's Way: Building a Healthy Family

Well, this is the last post for this series.  Let's build a healthy family!

*Build family identity.  Create an interdependent family with a circle of people facing in.
*Remember peer pressure is only as strong as family identity is weak.
*Parents need community of like-minded people.
*Who is raising your child?  Add up all the time in a week that other adults spend with your child.
*The relational goal of parenting- four phases: discipline (birth- 5 years), training (6-12 years), coaching (13-17 years), friendship (17 and up).
*Approving that which is excellent: good, better, best.  Aim for the best!

So that's it!  My next project will be to share Parenting is Heart Work with you starting in mid-April.  I hope you are learning as much about parenting as I am.  Blessings, Shonda

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