Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free and Fun Friday: Tacoma Nature Center

Yesterday, it was a dreary day, so I decided to take the kids to one of the park centers called Tacoma Nature Center. They have indoor and outdoor learning areas.  We spent all of our time indoors over in the play area where they had books, puzzles, puppets and  huge log with places to peek out of.  Shrade had a lot of fun especially when a few other kids showed up.  They also have a nature preschool, alphabet days and summer camps that I want to look into.

Do you have a nature center in your area?  Send me the link.  I like to look at where you like hang out!


Bekah said...

Looks like they had a blast!!! :) Our favorite nature center in our area is called "For-Mar", they even offer classes for kids ages 3+ and have family events all the time. Here is the link:

Shonda said...

Awesome, Bekah! Looks like a great place. :)