Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bite Sized Science: 3 activities

 I picked up this book at the library and tried a few of the activities with Shrade: Bite-Sized Science: Activities for Children in 15 Minutes or Less.  We had some fun experimenting with science.  Here is what we did:

Shoebox Sounds
So we found 3 different toys and I put each one in the shoebox one at a time and we shook the shoebox to figure out what the toy was.  Then I had Shrade turn his back and I put a toy in and he shook it and had to guess what it was.  This is such a fun and easy activity!  Will do it again sometime!

Cupboard Talk
In this experiment I took 3 items from the cupboard and we shook them to see what they sounded like. Then Shrade turned around and I shook each one and he had to guess what food it was. Another easy activity!

Light Weight

This experiment was the most challenging, but it was a great way to learn about gravity.  We choose 4 items that were light weight, but some could weigh a bit more than others.  We dropped two at the same time, but before, we determined which was the heaviest and then tried it out.  Many ways to have fun with this.  Shrade couldn't figure out how to drop the items at the same time.

Well, hope this has given you a few new things to try with your little ones!  Thanks, Shonda

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