Monday, May 14, 2012

Brightly Beaming Resources Week #25: Rabbits

This week we learned about rabbits.  We hopped 25 times (actually several times in a row). We made parallelograms with craft sticks.  Shrade can even say "paralellogram."  We sang songs with letter Y and had fun acting out our nursery rhyme Jack Be Nimble.  We made a Y with yellow items and a cute rabbit puppet.  We had our stuffed bunny hop on number cards 1-25 as we counted. And we had lots of fun reading our books and trying to do all of our projects around little Jessna who is also interested in learning.

Rabbit puppet
Paralellogram with craft sticks
Y with dominos and Y song
Y is for yellow
25 hops for the bunny!
Next lesson is our last lesson from Brightly Beaming Resources Preparatory Curriculum.  Then I will do a wrap up of highlights from our previous lessons and give you a glimpse of what we will be starting next!

Our Rabbit lesson came from Brightly Beaming Resources.
Our Y craft from No Time for Flashcards.
Our bunny puppet project came from Enchanted Learning.

Books we read:

The Philosopher's Wife


Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

Great post! I love all of the activities that you did and I always love seeing what books were used!

Thank you so much for linking up! :-)

pinkoddy said...

What great ideas. Esp like letter Y ones.