Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Mothering Tips and Helps

The babies God gave to me!

This year I have desperately needed mothering help.  I read lots of books and blogs.  I go to MOPS and email lots of friends.  I pray, pray and pray some more.  My children seem to suck everything out of me and I feel overwhelmed, defeated and like a failure.  I had such HIGH ideals and I still have big expectations of what I feel God wants me to be doing.  But so often I need to be brought back down to reality and so this year I found some places that have really helped me to be grounded and centered on my role as a mother.

Joy at Grace Full Mama has 5 children, lives in Indonesia and homeschools.  She presented a series called Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood in January 2012. I printed off each blog post and the interactive printable that went with each one.  I prayed and cried and asked God to help me be the mother I desire to be.  This is a series I highly recommend.  As I write this, I probably will revisit it again this year.  It impacted my life greatly!

Sally Clarkson is an author on motherhood that I highly recommend.  This fall she started doing Mentoring Monday videos on her blog I Take Joy.  These have been the highlight of my week!  I look forward to Sally's profound and practical mothering wisdom.  She has a very intense longing to see all moms embrace the beauty of motherhood with God's perspective.  You will really enjoy her chats.   Here is one I really like: Train Up a Child.

Another blog I really enjoy is Susan Heid's The Confident Mom.  I discovered her blog in August and I bought the Weekly Household Planner which has really helped me get things organized and clean as well as create time to have fun with my family.  I also love her weekly audio blog talk (Tuesdays) and the tips she shares in her daily blog posts.  She has a great series called The Opening Act: Becoming a Calm, Cool and Confident Mom with videos and printables (free).  So check out The Confident Mom for great ways learn to be the mom you know God wants you to be!  And she has a really great series coming up for January called 31 Days of Saving Secrets.  This is definitely a winner of a blog for me!

And TWO great books that I recommend for moms who are weary and desperate are...

Hope for the Weary Mom by Stacey Thacker and Brook McGlothlin

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson
But wait until January 8 to buy this book as there is a BIG launch day celebration with gifts and giveaways  on

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Susan Case said...

You are a great mom and wonderful example to others! But thanks for the books - they all look great and I have read some of "Hope for the Weary Mom." Have a wonderful New Year!