Monday, December 31, 2012

Warrior Prayers Recap

Do you remember that we were praying  Warrior Prayers since December 3?  Yes, I sat in my living every Monday-Friday and prayed for my son in front of the Christmas tree lights.  What a privilege, what a burden.  I not only prayed for my son, I prayed for each of you and I prayed for myself.  You see, if I don't possess any of these virtues, how will my son every learn about them?  Every time I pray these Warrior Prayers I end up being changed.  How about you?

I plan to pray these prayers several times this year.  Also, you can get free monthly calendars from the MOB Society as well.

Coming up sometime this year we will pray for our girls!  The MOD Squad has an ebook called 31 Days of Prayer For Our Daughters.  They are quite a bit different than Warrior Prayers, but girls are different, aren't they?  Be looking for this prayer challenge at some point this year and NEVER stop praying for your children!


April said...

Just how I wanted/needed to spend my December, praying for our sons and each other. So worth it, and your right about being changed after praying for them, I really enjoyed having my 6 year old home from school during the day the last week, it's great to pray over both of them at the same time. You read my mind for our daughters, I was thinking January (31 days) but I may push it till March or till when you do it also! Thanks for the check ins, greatly appreciated! Praying you all have a blessed New Year.

Shonda said...

Hi April- Thanks for praying. I'm thinking March too for praying for girls. I wanted a little break in between praying for our boys.