Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Music Notes: Charity and the JAMband CD Review

Charity's heart and soul for Family Values shines in her moving lyrics and catchy tunes.  She takes ordinary activities in life and shares how to practically exercise them to help others make a positive difference in the world.  She sings about loving kindness, patience, understanding, gratitude, trust and peace.  Her songs touch hearts, young and old, and really sink down deep to ignite a passion for a better mankind.  Her music includes rock and roll, ballads and fun sing alongs.  Take a journey to a magical place where people really do live their values and the world can be a happy family. 
*I was given a complimentary copy of this CD by Elizabeth from Waldmania in exchange for my honest review.**
  Says Charity, "The songs on Family Values distill my deepest intentions and highest hopes as a mother, an artist, and a human being into one simple act: to walk the path of peace and hold out my hands to those I meet along the way."

Charity Kahn has a degree in math from Stanford, has co-authored a book on math and music, and used to be a software engineer in the technology industry.  Becoming a mom opened the door to a new life of musical devotion and creation and allowed her to live her real passion.  Since 2004, Charity and the JAMband have been bringing the rock 'n' roll experience to families, touching the hearts and inspriing dancing feet of this generation's breed of family music lovers.

Visit Charity at Charity and the JAMband.

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