Sunday, December 9, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel- Week #1

We are so excited to be taking a Christmas adventure with Truth in the Tinsel.  Each day we read a passage of Scripture, listen for the clue word, make a little craft to remind us of the clue and spend a little time reflecting on the Christmas story as it relates to our world.

Everyday we took a link off the chain to find out the secret word.

Remember, it's the process, not the product.  The most important thing is not the craft, but what the craft represents.  Each time we see these objects in the tree I can remind my children of the story behind them and why God used these things to tell His special story about Jesus.

Day #1- Candle- Jesus is the light of the world.
Day #2- Kingdom. Jesus' kingdom is forever.

Day #3- Zechariah.  Believe God even when it's hard.

Day #4- Gabriel- God's messenger to Mary (and Zechariah).

Day #5- Mary was the Lord's servant.

Day #6- Mary/Elizabeth both pregnant and rejoicing!

Day #7- Mary's Song.  Shrade spent 1 hour putting the stickers on this CD.

It's amazing how God used different people to carry out his plan. We look forward to learning more about the Christmas story as we go through December!

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