Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Snack for Confetti, Farmer's Market Day, What a Wonderful World, I Want My Mommy Book Reviews (Tiger Tales)

Confetti is really hungry and is telling all her friends.  They offer her the food they like to eat.  But she says "Yuck!"  Then she comes home to mama and gets wiggly worm, a beautiful beetle, a speedy spider, a creepy crawling caterpillar, and a skinny stick insect.  She says "Yum!"  Everyone else says "Yuck!" This is a great book for learning about what other animals eat and the pictures are very colorful to capture the attention of young ones.

A little girl is ready for farmer's market day.  Armed with her wagon and cute purse she walks with her family through the variety of fruits and vegetables.  She's excited to try bread, honey and hats.  But she finally finds what she wants the most- a watering can.  Kids will learn that a farmer's market is wonderful place to visit and this is a great book to introduce kids to the upcoming season.
This gentle and quiet book shares the beautiful world that God made with hymn-like prose set in soft colors following a mama bear and her cub.  This is a great book to share awe and reverence for our Creator.
Arthur the mouse is not excited to stay with grandma without his mommy for the WHOLE day.  He grows like a dragon, but knows he has no choice in the matter.  His grandma tries to distract him by playing games with him, but he is not put off especially when he hears the doorbell.  But it is either the mailman or the neighbor.  When mommy finally comes he is having so much fun!  This is a great book to read to kids who need to spend extended time away from mommy.  Mommy will always come back.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book from Tiger Tales  for my review.  All opinions are my own.*

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