Thursday, August 19, 2010

Learning Activity: Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank

For Christmas last year, Shrade got this adorable little pig with 10 colored coins.  At first it was really hard for Shrade to figure out how to put the coins in the slot at the top.  But he quickly learned how to open and close the side door.  When he finally could put the coins in he was so happy!  The best part about this toy is that the little pig sings and counts.  So when you drop coins in, it counts and when you push the nose it sings.  It also has a cute little giggle.  Also, when you open and close the side door it says "Open! Close!"  I love this learning activity because Shrade and I can work on colors, matching, counting, sizes and animals (each of the coins have different animals imprinted on them).  This is very enjoyable for both of us.  The only challenge is not losing the coins!

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