Friday, August 13, 2010

Free and Fun Friday:Throwing rocks at the beach

About a month ago, Shrade and I went up to visit my parents on Whidbey Island in WA.  It's a beautiful island in the Puget Sound that you can get to by crossing a bridge at the North end, a ferry at the south end, marinas along the coast and by plane to a small airport.  I grew up here between all of our Navy moves.  They also have the Naval Air station and sometimes we see the Blue Angels fly (right over our house).  Well, I digress.

Grandma Nettie, Shrade and I had a little fun throwing rocks at the beach.  Shrade loves rocks and he's learning how to throw.  Daddy is great rock skipper so maybe Shrade will learn that some day.  He had a lot of fun hanging out with grandma.

What free and fun activity did you do this summer?

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