Saturday, August 21, 2010

Great website: Family

Of course, I'm always looking for great ideas and I came across this website that has ideas for your child ages 0-18.  I just clicked on the Toddler section and there are several articles on each of these topics:
  • development
  • behavior and manners
  • tantrums
  • discipline
  • nutrition
  • health, hygiene and safety
  • toilet training and diapers
  • sleep
  •  activities
  • entertainment
  • getting ready for preschool
  • expert advice
OK, so here the wonderful website: Family  It looks like there is a host of other info, but this is just to get you started.  Find your child's age and see what is helpful for you.

Be sure to come back on Monday for Monday Shareday!  See you then!

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lisad33611 said...

Thank you SO much for sharing this site! I often struggle to come up with simple developmental activities for my girls. This is a GREAT site!