Sunday, August 22, 2010

Discovery Toys Giant Pegboard Review

I recently was given the privilege to review a Discovery Toy!!  Jena graciously offered for me to choose ANY toy from her catalog and I picked the Giant Pegboard.  Jena and I live in the same community and we met in person so she could deliver the product to me.  I was immediately drawn to Jena's friendliness and expertise in explaining this particular Discovery Toy to me.  I was so excited to go home and experience this fun learning toy with my son.

The Giant Pegboard is an 10x10 plastic yellow board with 25 holes (on the reverse are 25 pegs to make a geoboard!).  Included are 25 brightly colored pegs in different shapes: circles, squares, triangles, hexagons and stars.  The various colors are blue, green, purple, red and orange.  The stars are a bit more unique because they are see through with little beads inside that shake and rattle.This product is designed for children 19 months to preschool. All parts are completely safe for young ones.

The Giant Pegboard offers a chance for pre-reading and pre-math play.  The key benefits as stated in the catalog are:

  • Identify, sort, and match colors & shapes;
  • Explore positional concepts; next to; on top of; beneath; near; row; column; diagonal; opposite;
  • Strengthen counting skills;
  • Practice fine motor dexterity;
  • Demonstrate addition, subtraction, multiplication and graphing;
  • Develop beginning understanding of geometric shapes, angles, and area;
  • Pattern play sharpens thinking skills and problem solving
 Wow!  I was so excited to let Shrade play with this product!  I decided to let him explore on his own, so I put out the toy in the living room and one day after breakfast Shrade immediately went toward the "new" toy.  He immediately picked out all the star shapes and stared shaking them.  He really liked the rattling sound!!

He also started building towers on and off the tray.  I just chatted about colors and shapes and he said "purple" for the first time. 

 He liked to put his finger in the holes in the shapes too.  He also learned that by stacking the shapes that they do not "stick" together. It was easy to knock them over when stacked.  What fun!  A few days later when I put out the "new" toy, Shrade immediately removed all the stars and made a stack.  He proceeded to do the same with each of the shapes by turn.  I was amazed that among all the those little pieces that he had shape discrimination.  As he continued to play, I labeled colors and shapes as well as counting each shape as he was stacking them.
I think this is a great learning and discovery toy for my little guy.  There are so many possibilities for interaction and discovery!  The little booklet that came with the product also had many good ideas for activities to use with this toy.  As always, let your child discover for themselves.  I was pleasantly surprised at what my son could do!

What I really like are the reasonable prices.  There are toys for every age level and as you can see with this toy, there are possibilities for endless learning at any age.

*This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this product and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion.* 

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