Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music Notes: Raffi (Everything Grows)

One of my favorite children's music artists is Raffi.  He has such great melodies in his songs and easy to catch on to and sing.  I recently picked up this CD at the library and the first song is called "Bathtime."  It is so fun and peppy with great rhyming words. I found myself humming the tune long after the song ended.  I want to memorize it and sing it to my son when he takes a bath.  I also like "Everything Grows."  It's actually a song that my kindergarten class that I taught sang at their graduation.  It, too, is an easy song to memorize and is fun to sing.  I love to sing to my son and he loves to listen to me.  He is always so excited when I say, "OK, let's turn on the music!"  He is ready to bounce, dance and hopefully sing one day soon!

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